The large stain had some sort of smell (i'm guessing its from whatever was on the floor of the truck during transport). You can dismiss my review because of taste, as the food is unappealing to me and the furniture does not fit my aesthetic, but let me reiterate: Bedbugs. This is the second time we have bought the Matrand mattress and it was a repeat purchase because we liked it so much! First we bought the firm Hesseng which was a bit too firm, and when you first lie on it I can guarantee it will be the firmest mattress you have ever slept on. Definitely never come to Ikea buy mattresses or pillow top. We'll go through each of these offerings below so you can see what the differences are between each of their mattresses and which mattress will work best for you.Let's get started with their memory foam / latex mattresses: The Holmsbu is IKEA's thickest mattress above 17'' in height. Meistervik is another thin foam mattress by IKEA. Everything in the house was fine, it was a brand new mattress. Learn more on our disclosure page here. Sometime the cover even includes a zipper for manufacturing purposes that you aren’t meant to open. Why should I now have to pay 50 dollars more for the same item because I want semi-firm and not firm?? Insults to injuries abound! From what I have seen in my recent searches for a fiberglass-free memory foam mattress, almost all brands DO have a fiberglass wrap underneath the mattress cover. It has been a disappointment. The business introduced in 2015, building on comprehensive research study to establish bed mattress that help improve sleep quality. NIGHTMARE; probably will never shop there again -$600 of total crap passed off as a table, chair, and entertainment center and some other junk GF in town, excited to go finish equipping the apt; pretty much everything picked out before we arrive... After 4 hours of wandering around that maze fighting the crowd we arrive at the self serve area... and cant find *anything* we need. Again nobody picked up the phone. We browsed a bit more and then went to check out. Great return policy!!! It is still firm but does not cause any back or side pain, the topper can be easily swapped around, unlike other brands where they are attached and I like the fact that the materials are predominantly natural ones. I will never get anything delivered from here again. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Still feels hard and at the same time no support. The top is soft, but firms up quickly for me. Disappointed, after pick out the pillow top that we want, the girl who works there said if we buy it, can't return. Everything is like cardboard, no wonder it breaks so quickly!! The Federal Trade Commission requires any reference to the makeup of a textile in a mattress to be … So, before 4pm I gave Dynamex yet another call. WHAT!?!?!?!!!!! A great compromise. Minnesund is a very thin mattress at a little under 4''. I have disassembled and donated my bed. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Every time I called they gave me a new date about when it would be ready. When you pick up the mattress you may look at it and say it looks to small compared to the one upstairs you sat on, but it is highly compress and tightly packaged to be able to transport yourself--- so no extra delivery charge like at other mattress stores---once you arrive home, place the mattress in your bed frame, carefully remove the packaging and it fully expands to the proper size and feel. We thought we might want to add a topper, but we are very happy as-is. So they gave me a smaller portion back in cash and were supposed to refund the remaining amount back to my credit card. Our reviewers found that this material is much more supportive and bouncy compared to other types of memory foam. Having purchased nearly all of my furniture at IKEA, I am disgusted to say the least, at the service I received on this day. No back issues!! I came and grab the mattress on that bin. Within a few months of purchase the sides have broken down...think rounded corners instead of square. The firmness takes some getting used to. I was worried when she added, "If you don't receive a call, call us before 4pm today" Well, as I am sure you can guess, nobody called me. Forgetting my wallet in the car, MY BAD, I finally checked out. I still have pain, it’s never going to be fixed, but I no longer wake up with pain from my mattress. I couldn't be more satisfied unless it was free. We purchased the Hidrasund mattress 3 months ago, it is very, very Firm! They agreed to take it downstairs and when I came down I found it left in front of neighbor's garage. Less than 2 months later the bed started to sag in the middle. The cons: Firmness problems for some customers. The sleeper weighs 48 kilos so it was not a weight issue. All they are saying is that the mattress can be swapped only once as per your comfort level. The lady who works in return center said she cannot do anything, cannot return or exchange it for me. We have done detailed research on the trending do all memory foam mattresses have fiberglasss in the market these days. Simply excellent quality at a good price. I have bad back and leg issues and finding a mattress that my husband and I like has been impossible for 37 years until now. I like a firm mattress. As I write this, delivery for several of the larger items has not happened as scheduled and we've been on the phone for literally 4-5 hours trying to reschedule. I reached a call center. The couch looks awesome and is comfortable as hell. After 3 long months of questioning why my kids were always itching, with no answers to be found I was pretty much at wits end. The sharp, glitterly strands of glass will stick to everything and will make your eyes and lungs hurt. We have had this for 4 months. This was the easy part ---except the delivery time was changed on us without notice, which I only found out about because I am a planner (plan for the worst, hope for the best) so I called to verify when they were coming. There was a large selection to check out some were softer and some were firmer, this one I chose was in between the two and It is an excellent. A few days ago I made a purchase at the IKEA store in Frisco, TX, USA. While they didn’t originate the concept (that honor goes to Amerisleep), they played a key role in growing the bed-in-a-box concept. Do all mattresses have a flame retardant? We bought this extra firm mattress for extra support. Save your money and purchase a mattress from a leading brand. People also search for: Purple Mattress Test. I waited on the phone for hours to speak about a missing mattress and wrong parts 2. My boyfriend and I bought it last year, and ever since I have suffered from a terrible back ache. This is not how you treat your customers in ANY business and I would certainly expect more from a company such as this. Seems to be made from very good material, but it is very heavy. Please fix this IKEA. I freaked and told my husband to inspect it, low and behold it was a bed bug. It was quite a circus getting such a big mattress around the corner and up the stairs in an old house though. It actually fitted in our Volvo S60. Despite more mattress materials and a higher price point, more customers have mixed things to say. In defense of the humans, everyone was very nice, apologetic and deferential. Pocket sprung mattress Queen $ 399 (108) HAFSLO. Great bed !!! I watched her go up to someone in the "Pick up line" and ask them if she could help them. Awesome. For the first few nights, I was a little achey after waking. they said i had to talk to there insurance company if i wanted to get them to pay for extermination,. I've purchased a bed frame and a mattress here (no, not their cheap roll out mattresses but the higher priced ones that they offer) and its been barely two years and my mattress is dipping. I never see any mold situation. The doctors thought it was hives or something in our detergent but only my two daughters who were sleeping on the bed seemed to be affected. He loves the mattress. When I told her that there was a security camera at my apartment and that we could review the tape, she put me on hold again to talk to the driver. What to do if you remove your mattress cover and get fiberglass everywhere. Ruined my holiday waiting for it, and it never showed. The mattress had preformed as we had hoped. However, my expensive sleepmaker also only lasted 8 years and I hear the same of other beds, so even if this one lasts about the same amount of time before needing replacement, I will save money. I asked for the part number and she gave me the bin where I can find it. I asked the delivery guys why there was no plastic cover and they replied, "we told them the customer asked for it to be wrapped in something so it doesn't get dirty," and they said IKEA told them it was "as-is." I now have been playing phone tag with both two customer service reps (extensions 1458 and 1378). Comfortable in store, breaks down at home. It gives in the right places and is giving us the middle aged support we need. After reading others' reviews here, I decided to get the firm Hesseng and also buy the Tromsdalen mattress pad in case the Hesseng was too firm. Sometimes I’ve noticed the fabric coming loose from the mattress also. Nowhere on the receipt does it say anything about paying the difference. Spring for a real mattress. After talking to the driver this time, her voice softened and said that the driver told me that "well, they forgot to deliver the mattress, and it is still in their truck". That was another 30 minutes. I literally for a month would get up between 3-5 am and had to go to the couch or spare bed because I was so stiff. At times we are compensated for the links you click at no cost to you. We have to rend a car that will cost us over $100 and shipping of $100 is also gone. The place is packed. Hence, Ikea. However, the rankings and listings of our reviews, tools and all other content are based on objective analysis. After 2 years of constantly reading mattress reviews, we bit the bullet and decided to go with the Ikea Hesseng. The Hjellestad is another thicker hybrid style mattress with pocketed coils and polyurethane foam for the comfort layers. The cons: Not all-natural for those who need it. New Puffy Mattress Review. We needed an inexpensive mattress for a vacation home and bought this Matrand foam mattress. The delivery people didn't tell my neighbor they didn't have the mattress just made it seem like everything was grand! Then... Around a month ago, in a moment of strength, I called IKEA (I still had the number and extensions of some managers) and left a manager a long message letting him know what was happening.