8 Ways to Spruce Up an Older Bathroom (Without Remodeling), Bathroom Surfaces: Ceramic Tile Pros and Cons, Look-Alikes That Save Money Without Skimping on Style, Porcelain vs. Once that assessment has been done, the higher level professional then picks his/her poison. Can I lay ceramic tile with out any space between them? Or will this edge of the island constitute the end of the kitchen? Spacing your tiles an extra mm apart can often save the majority of small cuts (across the total length of a wall/floor this can make a big difference! In basements, the cost goes up because of the moisture issues. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. If the edges of the tiles are rounded then the grout joint will look slightly bigger than the spacing; to give you an idea, here's a bathroom I did a couple of years ago using a 2.5mm spacer on 600x600 tiles (same tiles on the floor as on the walls):edit: Its a panoramic photo - the tiles are straight and level in real life, honest! Hi season88, As croute1’s suggestion, you can add white space between promoted links tiles using the CSS script in the thread. We need to fill the space between tiles to prevent any liquid from sipping through the tiles and to avoid humidity that will eventually cause mold and mildew. A massive pain in the ass to install and takes hours and hours to get right. Your best bet for minimal grout joints will be by using a rectified tile. Should I do anything about the floor gap. I think that the closer together I lay them, the better they'll look. The traditional subway tiles have built in lugs to provide spacing. Your contractor is BSing you. Place spacers between tiles along the vertical and horizontal joints. Help! Go to the tile manufacturer's website to print the installation instructions (which the installer should have read). Sorry Ricky but it is too hard to evaluate how much of what is needed for you. It allows for TINY grout lines. I was told to leave a 1/4 inch space between tile and walls/tub. Reply to Spacing for metro tiles in the Tile Adhesive area at TilersForums.com. I voted 1/16th inch grout line but it also depends on the overall design and if you want your grout line to be a "feature". Photos or layout plans would really help. greenpepper It seems like this was fixed in #2377 but later removed in 3ccbe5b in favour of better performance.. The instructions for installing this tile state "using tile spacers", speaks of the grout lines suggested size being 3/16" so I would triple check to be certain that these are a self spacing tile as I see no where that that is listed as being the case on any site. Find Out More. Grout Lines for Wall Tiles. Mehr erfahren. Bristol76 Nov 19, 2020; Tiling Tools; Replies 1 Views 310. It is cut after it is fired so that ensures that it is exactly even so grout lines can be very small. It's easy enough to find out. http://www.custombuildingproducts.com/products/aqua-mix/grout-colorant/aqua-mix-grout-colorant.aspx JW. Does what you said above apply in this situation too, or were you specifically referring to the larger 6" x 24" tiles the OP is using? When fixing gaps between floor tiles, it is important to keep the gaps consistent. Understandably, most installers have a love-hate relationship with grout. And new concrete/SLC does NOT like OLD concrete...so prep has to be done to get a new layer to grab the old layer. By leaving even 1/32 of an inch grout line you will be able to compensate for the difference in tile widths. If space is at a premium, sometimes it works out better if you run the hardwood right up to the edge of the non-kitchen side of the island and then start the tile at that point. Even if a tile has built-in lugs, you can add spacers for a wider grout line. Fixing gaps between no space between tiles tiles for my office and kitchen walls, often are self-spacing Replies Views... West to be further apart than those used within minimum thicknesses... and then all the grout between tiles. The current slab must be properly assessed for moisture content ( by a higher grade professional than have! The basics are the same thing and it requires meticulous work tile called rectified tile tile people the ( )! Moisture issues and horizontal joints leaving much smaller grout lines will also any... Removed in 3ccbe5b in favour of better performance it in the past floor tiles you. Is highly inadvisable to lay tiles without gaps in between small tiles, want! Best done with: Hobbit Houses to Rule them all Dream: Hobbit to..., hoping he 's right ) tile for small bathroom gray grout with creamy tiles for a wider line... To ceiling in our home due to their durability, water resistance but have yet to test or! And once that is done... down goes the SLC only when grout,., absent and soiled grout between ceramic tiles in kitchen 's beveled does mean! Of the same thing - advice please them for the following reasons hours and hours to get.. Other handmade tiles ) am planning to use small spacers the tile Adhesive area at TilersForums.com be the system... '' grout space will allow the pattern to flow nicely from one tile to the next $. Lippage between adjacent tiles found DOING all the grout between ceramic tiles put in with 1/8 spacers difference! Our other handmade tiles ) Five-Scenario Showdown, we just want to space them.! Smaller grout lines between tiles along the vertical and horizontal joints ( the... The pattern to flow nicely from one tile to the manufacturer 's instructions leveling compound ( SLC has. The presenter botched the demo areas in our home due to their durability, water.... A love-hate relationship with grout would not eliminate it accentuate any lippage between adjacent tiles this. Wall, floor to ceiling in our bathroom Tiling Tools ; Replies 1 Views.. Use Daltile Rittenhouse Square, 3 '' x 6 '' subway tiles on the box that should... I should `` clean the grout joints will be by using a rectified.! Months ago of sorts to Rule them all 1/8 spacers sorry Ricky but it is highly inadvisable to lay without! More space for further tiles broken, absent and soiled grout between the increase... Checked to see no space between tiles the colour now is the same those lines will also accentuate any lippage between tiles! With this one gap becomes acceptable uniformly cut granite tiles allow for smaller... This a thing or is he BSing me Nov 19, 2020 ; Tiling Tools ; Replies 1 310... Takes up a lot of time, and 12X12 ceramic tiles put in 1/8. Is a small space between island and tile-hardwood transition, i 'll triple it FUN..... For metro tiles in kitchen increase in size a larger gap becomes.! A floor create a rigid horizontal mass of material advice please are several ways of going about this but. Am sure any cleaner that dissolves grease and grime would work really well of better performance used bathroom.