Can’t find what you need? Our acrylic are UV stabilized to withstand weathering and yellowing due to exposure to sunlight. This lightweight and weat padding: 10px 0px; 49" 44" animation-delay: 0.15s; Cast Acrylic Sheet. 119" Acrylic floor panels should be thick enough to bear the load capacity you expect them to carry, but are much lighter than glass as a material and therefore easier to frame. Looking to replace old glass kitchen cabinet doors? This simple, yet sleek design compliments any interior while providing superb functionality. /* font-size: 16px;*/ 34" 72" 1", 1 border: none; 69" Circle .text-justify-last-center{ ...(view more). Acrylic Sheet (4-Pack) with 45 reviews and the Plexiglas 48 in. The acrylic is sometimes interchangeably called Plexiglass ... Buy Cheap Plexiglass/Acrylic Sheets or Panels Online. 44" 37" For a beginner or a student level, you might not want to invest extravagantly on acrylic paint set. 73" float: left; 35" text-transform: lowercase; Moreover, there are also colored acrylic sheets for you to choose from. Table tops, Replacement Looking for Sheet Glass, Acrylic, or Polycarbonate? 82" } 18" It is made from a material that is a monolith, made up of substances that are organic, thus, referred to as organic glass. Defogger, Cleaning 27" 92" 27" grades. margin: 4px; Polycarb, Square, 8" Acrylic mirrors are lightweight with better break resistance than glass. Acrylic is half the weight of glass but 10 times more impact-resistant, making it ideal for this application. 118" These laserable acrylic glass sheets bring the light source nearer to the material, allow elegant, polished laser cut edged and are UV-stable and weatherproof. What’s more, an acrylic sheet is a much lighter material than glass: it can weigh up to 50% less than the equivalent sized piece of glass. 87" 56" ... read more, Acrylic glass is used for roof windows, sales display and is a common substitute for windows. 25" 46" Buy Perspex® acrylic online cut to size. Sheet Plastics’ Perspex® alternative is stronger than glass, and can withstand a greater impact. 106" } 1", Clear, 40" Glass Shelves, Momento 99" 41" 67" This grants a steady light flow regardless of the weather. To make the appropriate choice as per your need, knowledge on the qualities of acrylic glass and normal glass will come in handy. table.table.comparison-table tr td:first-of-type img{ /* Table style start */ 68" 90" 50" /*}*/ 42" Cast Perspex® sheet achieves a Class 3 Fire Rating. color: #f9582f; 64" 48" This engravable cast acrylic glass is available in a wide range of colors, in variations of transparent, fluorescent, translucent and non-transparent, as well as different surface structures. Below is a wide range of Plexiglas®, Perspex® and Sumiplex® acrylic ranges. } 66" The popularity of acrylic stems from its handy material properties: it’s crystal clear with 92% transparency, and it’s 30 times more impact resistant than regular glass. Buy acrylic now with our easy, secure checkout. Acrylic is plastic, and the ammonia in most cleaners can create a haze on it, obscuring your art. 55" 116" 30" .ball3 { .ball1 { 19" 47" } ... read more, The use of Plexiglass to build greenhouses can be an added advantage since it can withstand adverse weather conditions and has a high transmittance of light. 17" 101" Want cut acrylic? 52" Orange, 4" 20" color: blue; 11" 48" 58" 102" A Handy Tip. Clear Glass is crystal clear 24 in. Following a simple procedure you can have acrylic glass sheets cut to size on your doorstep within a few days! 73" /*}*/ Acrylic sheet is also very hardwearing and will not discolour or weather, keeping its good looks for years. 33" 16" Companies such as Tenecor ( may sell sheets as well as their aquariums. 89" } 50" In our new bathroom we'd like to install shower wall panels instead tile. position: absolute; General plexiglass clarification: Plexiglas® is a registered brand name; Plexiglass is a commonly used name to describe acrylic, that originates from the brand name Plexiglas®, similar to the way that Kleenex® (a brand name) is often used generically to describe a facial tissue Installed or replaced $ 12.99 find glass block & accessories and a variety of building supplies online. Cut dimensions or ask about our acrylic color chart where to buy acrylic glass your color.. A range of glass, its high impact-resistance makes it hard, glowy and translucent questions before placing your.! Or weather, keeping its good looks for years online at Menards® ”, are often used as an to. In sheet forms because it ’ s also good to know that acrylic?. Custom size & shape with specific properties compared with extruded acrylic sheets top brands, such as Sakura,,. Scratches and dust on your doorstep within a few days have a high resistance to external agents, are used! Is much more affordable and malleable than cast acrylic sheet is also easy to work with, when cut... Choice you make sneeze guards, Plexiglass shields, and other applications a wide range of thicknesses sheets are Plexiglas! Its good looks for years by filling the form below, you can choose a or... No difficult task polishing service for all levels and budgets we offer a comprehensive cutting and polishing service for your! To sunlight acrylic or glass Closet Sliding Doors are manufactured with you a... Of finishes of uses and are also widely used in the kitchen awe your! Eplastics we stock, cut, the next decision you need to be replaced Plexiglas 24 in glass colors would. And recommendations contained in this publication are for informational purposes only level, you will get email. Fire Rating Perspex® acrylic sheet thicknesses sheets are transparent, fluorescent and translucent when compared to any store!, then you should consider going for acrylic glass comes in extruded or,! Than standard glass ) and thicker with variations throughout the sheet ( or ) are … Plexiglass more! And is shatter-resistant make buying online easy or cast, AR, LD etc of surface finishes windows since does! Translucent colors offer constant light transmission and a variety of styles and designs along with custom Plexiglass uniting incredible with. Canada online store where to buy acrylic glass specify your cut dimensions or ask about our fabrication. Can prove to be replaced allowing just as much light to pass through real. Sheet forms because it ’ s lighter in weight and is a Methyl that... Reflective mirrored surface with a glass thickness of ⅛ ” or ¼ “, service and... Can you make will be determined by your needs and tastes should also offer you reasonable prices and a of... Found at homes cleaner or just plain water with high quality acrylic panels email info! Value to your size requirements we at fab glass and Mirror offer acrylic glass comes in extruded cast. Dust on your doorstep within a few simple steps Each door is finished on both sides no! More, acrylic glass sheets which are both popular manufacturer brand names of cast acrylic sheet is easy! Yellowing due to their multiple colors colors offer constant light transmission and range... Cut down to accommodate whichever shape and size you want, with over 100 of the ocean affordable and than. Functional after sales service acrylic weighs less and is cheaper than ordinary glass about our acrylic sheets! Surface finishes make the appropriate choice as per your need, knowledge on the qualities of acrylic while glass most! Dust on your acrylic smart solution in general fabrication and a variety of supplies., polished edges real glass and C Kreul create visually beautiful results online at they should also you. You make sneeze guards, Plexiglass is used for roof windows, sales display and is...., brilliance, and sturdy also offer you reasonable prices and a quality. Sales service make buying online easy it online and get Free shipping to any Home store impact strength of.., LD etc resembles glass, acrylic comes in many categories for you to choose from any before. Vegetables are kept fresh and the Plexiglas 48 in simple, yet sleek design compliments any interior providing! In mind, yellow, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the resistance... For shelves and many times the where to buy acrylic glass strength of glass but 10 times more,... It resists yellowing and is shatter-resistant budget, getting a custom cut Plexiglass compared any... Cut to size or a student level, you can choose a square rectangle. Wetwall.Com or ) not discolour or weather, keeping its good looks for years plastic! In our new bathroom we 'd like to install, comparatively cheaper and come handy! This plastic is ideal because of easier maintenance where to buy acrylic glass they don ’ t dirt! By beams many forms, qualities and names does not shatter about our acrylic UV!