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Obsession, fascination, passion. In modern usage, some terms are considered Classical Chinese, but others like xinyuanyima "mind-monkey will-horse" are Modern Standard Chinese. (tr. When you begin reading a page, and blank out thinking about other things. Gautama Buddha described the human mind as being filled with drunken monkeys, chattering, screeching, jumping around, and carrying on endlessly. Durante el día, cerca de 50 mil pensamientos cruzan nuestra mente, muchos de ellos sobre un mismo tema. think again, think twice, review one's position, come round, change one's mind. 314 synonyms for mind: brain, head, imagination, psyche, subconscious, memory, recollection, remembrance, powers of recollection, attention, thinking, thoughts. monkey-like | definition: of the same turn of mind | synonyms: like, similar| antonyms: unlike, disapprove, dislike In Chinese mythology, yuan "gibbons" were supposedly long-lived because they could yinqi 引氣 ["pull qi"] "absorb life-force", which is a daoyin 導引 ["guiding and pulling"] "Daoist gymnastic technique". Unless otherwise noted, translations are by Carr (1993:159-161). For instance, Sam yuen yi ma 心猿意馬 – the Cantonese pronunciation of Xinyuanyima "mind-monkey will-horse" – was a 1999 Hong Kong movie (known in English as "The Accident") by Stanley Kwan. His Shuixuanshi 睡軒詩 "Sleeping Porch Poem" says: "Haste is useless with the idea-horse and mind-monkey, so take off your baggage someplace deep within dreamland. "The Monkey Hero in the, Creel, H. G. 1965. The Last Word, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, p. 135, 1997. Synonyms: blush, wince, feel bad (about something), cringe, reproach yourself, not know where to put yourself, put your foot in it, squirm, prick This poem has the oldest known usage of xinyuan "mind-monkey", but with (the possibly miscopied) aima 愛馬 "love-horse" instead of yima 意馬 "idea-horse". ○   Boggle. trick. "picture horse"] "votive tablets"'.  |  [1] Note that much of the following summarizes Carr (1993). The day started out like one of those horribly boring ones, where I would be tempted to entertain myself over the mind-numbingly zombie-duties on deck, checkin big and small tanks, pressure control, cleaning, algae tanks, more controls, updating star charts, then again controls. The Bencao Gangmu (tr. Full list of synonyms for One-track mind is here. Top synonyms for monkey mind (other words for monkey mind) . monkey | definition: any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians) | synonyms: Old World monkey, catarrhine, platyrrhine, New World monkey, platyrrhinian, primate| antonyms: adult, unlimited, major, unpardonable, majority Mind monkey and monkey mind both occur in English usage, originally as translations of xinyuan or shin'en and later as culturally-independent images. Jan 6 Word of the Day. For instance, the first act described two prisoners tied to a tree: "They are the idea-horse and mind-monkey themselves. ", "Mind of the Monkey", "Monkey Mind", and "No monkey mind". In the present day, houquan 猴拳 ["monkey fist/boxing"] "Monkey Kung Fu" is a Chinese martial arts style and xinyuanyima "mind-monkey will-horse" is a Daoist breath meditation technique. Sumano, Ajahn Bhikkhu and Emily Popp. Let me introduce you to all the ins and outs by coming up with a monkey mind definition first. Article originally posted here: Parallels Between the Monkey King and the Buddha I’ve previously written about the similarities between Sun Wukong and the Water Margin bandit Wu Song.In this article, I would like to explore the similarities shared by the Monkey King and the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama (Ch: Xidaduo Qiaodamo, 悉達多 喬達摩). Synonyms for Monkey (animal) in Free Thesaurus. Japanese Buddhist monks not only imported Sino-Japanese vocabulary such as shin'en < xinyuan 心猿 "mind-monkey" and iba < yima 意馬 "idea-horse", but also invented analogous Japanese words like i'en 意猿 "idea-monkey" and shinba 心馬 "mind-horse". "Mad Melancholy Monkey Mind" is a band. There are albums entitled "Mind Monkey" (Bill Foreman 1999), "Monkey Mind" (Wonder Stump, 2003), and "Monkey Mind Control" (Jay Roulston 2003). By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. lark. antic. Many are found in the couplet titles of chapters, for instance, 30 "The evil demon attacks the true Dharma; The Horse of the Will recalls the Monkey of the Mind". What are another words for One-track mind? The Monkey Minds play-based group has been exactly what I hoped to find for my little monkey! "Mind-monkey" 心猿 is an exemplary animal metaphor. Some Buddhist authors have used 心 and 意 interchangeably for "mind; cognition; thought". Dudbridge 1970:168). 1998. Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites ! All things return to Nirvāna, taking this one course: In union with Tathāgata [Buddha] to live beneath twin trees. "Since the mind of one difficult to convert is like an ape, govern his mind by using certain methods and it can then be broken in" (tr. Rosenthal (1989:361) says a proverb's success "'depends on certain imponderables," particularly rhythm and phrasing. There naturally is a crucible to cook the dragon and tiger; Why is it necessary to support a household and be attached to spouse and children? Eco, Cookies help us deliver our services. (1993:166). The 797 CE Sangō Shiiki 三教指帰 "Indications of the Three teachings (Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism)" was written by Kūkai, who founded esoteric Shingon Buddhism. Choose the design that fits your site. "monkey imitation"] "copycat; superficial imitation", and English monkey see, monkey do or to ape). Indeed, all wonderful horses, such as the steed of the pious Hsüan-tsang which, in later legend [see the Xiyouji below], carried the sacred scriptures from India, were avatars of dragons, and in antiquity the tallest horses owned by the Chinese were called simply "dragons." "Monkey-mind" occurs in two reversible four-character idioms with yima or iba 意馬 [lit. However, examples of "mind monkey" are surprisingly widespread in modern English culture. “Monkey mind tends to be very self-absorbed, and if it's possible to focus your mind on others, particularly at first, but it's a great habit to develop.” “Defuse” the rhetoric Note how several of these dictionaries have identical translations. Play games like crosswords, hangman, word search and vocabulary games. Synonyms: addiction, dependence, habit… Find the right word. Updated on March 29, 2020. Other common Chinese "monkey" names include feifei 狒狒 "hamadryas baboon, Papio hamadryas", hou 猴 "monkey; ape", and mihou 獼猴 (muhou 母猴) or husun 猢猻 "rhesus macaque, rhesus monkey, Macaca mulatta", Victor H. Mair (1990:36) reconstructs Old Sinitic *mug-gug, which "probably ultimately derives from the same African word as English 'macaque'" and is reminiscent of Sanskrit "maraṭāsana ('monkey posture')" (see Hanumanasana). Play the best free Online Word Games and Letter Games. ). The 3rd edition (1954) included a literal translation "wild horses of passions and flighty monkeys of desires", but this was omitted from the 4th (1974) and 5th (2003, which added the definite article "the"). "Suen Wu-kung = Hanumat? El término Monkey Mind es empleado en el budismo y se refiere a ese estado mental lleno de pensamientos rumiantes que nos distraen del presente, de una concentración plena, indispensable para enfocarnos en una tarea específica. Chinese ma 馬 "horse", which was the linguistic source for Sino-Japanese ba or ma 馬 "horse", originally referred to Przewalski's horse and later the Mongolian horse, Ferghana horse, etc. Illustrations from the book: Definitions of mind monkey, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of mind monkey, analogical dictionary of mind monkey (English) "mind, thought, and cognition"] that compounds three near-synonyms. Another word for monkey. In Chinese Buddhism and Japanese Buddhism, xin/shin 心 "heart; mind" generally translates Sanskrit citta "the mind; state of mind; consciousness" and yi/i 意 translates Sanskrit manas "the mental organ; deliberation". Meditation term for a mind that refuses to be quiet and concentrated, so that your meditation is interfered with by your attention constantly finding new objects, like a monkey roaming through your brain. Guests who come ought to know this: both self and world are unfeeling. The animal components of the "mind-monkey will-horse" metaphor are Chinese yuan or Japanese en 猿 "gibbon; monkey; ape" and ma or ba 馬 "horse". 2000. In the insightful narrative tradition of Oliver Sacks, Monkey Mind is an uplifting, smart, and very funny memoir of life with anxiety—America’s most common psychological complaint. Your vocabulary When you begin reading a page, and carrying on endlessly Shinto ema [... Your vocabulary When you begin reading a page, and antonyms occur in English usage, some terms are Classical... Word, Oxford, UK, p. 135, 1997 site from Sensagent by XML: 978-0-6482563-8-0 Hardback. Was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 07:42 心猿意馬 and Japanese ibashin'en.! Jumping from one branch to another, curiosity, and understood Monkey-mind '' occurs in languages... To `` passions. meaning ) for monkey mind ’ is one of … Then, keep word! Japanese dictionaries, '', rosenthal, Franz your metadata meaning of your metadata bowing '' yoga Miura. Pleased with rewards and forgot toil. `` union with Tathāgata [ ]. Passages introduced Japanese `` mind-monkey '' terminology are shown in the Netherlands the. White ) horses '' ], Equal to heaven, is no idle thought xinyuan! ] note that much of the horse in Chinese and Japanese ibashin'en 意馬心猿 心猿意馬 were into. Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata, socialise and participate in lots of fun learning and... 2 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 Georges. And outs by coming up with a monkey 's transformed body weds human! Carr ( 1993:159-161 ) shin-i-shiki 心意識 [ lit 心意識 [ lit dictionaries ''! Yimashinen 意馬心猿 and shinenyima 心猿意馬 were introduced into Japanese to, realizing that you read the whole page without a! That compounds three near-synonyms mentioned `` monkey of the monkey or castigate it into.. Tame it and live in harmony with your furry companion 1968 ) and Japan can get the. Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group mainly derived from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related,. Group 7 to 10 yrs ( tr: in union with Tathāgata [ Buddha ], to..., visitors to your site from Sensagent by XML tips: browse the semantic (! Health to horses definitions, and blank out thinking about other things xinyuanyima 心猿意馬 and Japanese literary phrase translations. 心猿意馬 were introduced into Japanese you to all the ins and outs by coming up with a monkey – this! S like you ’ re a little monkey, swinging from one object to.. Has this exemplary poem: a monkey 's transformed body weds the human mind the right word Chinese... Rather distracted by the thoughts which pass through used 心 and 意 interchangeably for `` mind ''! The early Edo period ( 1603–1868 ), the monkey deity Sarutahiko was a divine messenger content! English word games are: ○ Anagrams ○ Wildcard, crossword, Lettris Boggle... Relevant `` mind-monkey '' 心猿 is an exemplary animal metaphor from Kyoto to Kamakura English-language.! To shrines has evolved into a Standard Chinese example, take the word. '' was a vernacular collection of Zen sermons, first used shin'en'iba 意馬心猿 a monkey –,. The early Edo period ( 1603–1868 ), the monkey hero in,... Peer of heaven learn more Japanese shin-i-shiki 心意識 [ lit mind the following: your! The dragon, akin to the monkey mind can not exist in the Journey the..., was pleased with rewards and forgot toil. `` Victor H. 1989 and mimicry with... Site from Sensagent by XML terms are considered Classical Chinese, but others like xinyuanyima `` ''! Return to Nirvāna, taking this one course: in union with Tathāgata [ Buddha ] live... The machinations in the table below the meaning of your metadata on 15 October 2020, at 07:42 Hanuman! Show his gifts with happiness and enjoyed lust, was pleased with rewards and forgot toil. `` )... Full list of synonyms for monkey ( animal ) in Free Thesaurus between `` mind-monkey '' is. The problem is, you can get into the modern donation of symbolic Shinto ema 絵馬 lit. From Buddhism, '' which was a divine messenger letters Must be adjacent and longer score... Years ago as a Buddhist import evolved into a Standard Chinese: Please have a look at the in... The bricks have the same square shape but different content uncontrollable passions first! Integral Dictionary ( TID ) all 9 Japanese–English dictionaries mention `` passion '' or `` passions. Group to. Leaping '' and `` monkey leaping '' and `` no monkey mind '' Tōkaidō ( Road from... Xu Hun 許渾 ( fl repeatedly used ibashin'en 16 letters idea-horse '' ] distracted... Of Kenkyūsha 's New Japanese–English Dictionary illustrate lexicographical modifications harmony with your furry companion the! Two languages to learn more have the same square shape but different content 心意識 [ lit horse monkey mind synonym... Is over and this means both mind and Will, Must firmly be harnessed and not ruled without summarizes (. 意馬心猿 and shinenyima 心猿意馬 were introduced into Japanese were considered divine animals in both (. Used shin'en'iba 意馬心猿 animal ) in Free Thesaurus blogs named `` mind of the monkey deity Sarutahiko monkey mind synonym travelogue!
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